The videos won't be available for viewing until after the Build-A-Brickbuster Pixelfest Aug. 13-14. Check back then to see the entries, and vote for your favorites!

List of uploaded Videos

Name By Size Date View
test1Sam Smith0.08 Mb04/16/11View
test3smith0.08 Mb04/16/11View
David's VideoDavid Leppek2.21 Mb04/16/11View
Ones and Zeros PixelshowDylan Otto Krider47.69 Mb05/01/11View
Ones and ZerosDylan Otto Krider47.69 Mb05/09/11View
Monty Python CamelotDylan Otto Krider17.34 Mb05/31/11View
Hickory Dickory (Dylan not for LEGO)Jason Hogan60.83 Mb06/17/11View
Brick Flick-a-LiciousFenegan Wake96.47 Mb06/30/11View
magic portalme96.47 Mb07/02/11View
Hickory DickoryJason Hogan (for animation show)60.83 Mb07/05/11View
Merry Christmas LEGO FriendsAlex Bidolak 11.61 Mb07/22/11View
Bunnies: The Ancient AltercationSpencer Olson134.96 Mb08/02/11View
Boneyard Bar-B-QueIsaiah Thurman139.17 Mb08/05/11View
The Director's CutPaul Hollingsworth91.82 Mb08/05/11View
Jack and Tom - LEGO Universe ObsessionJacob Tornatta131.53 Mb08/05/11View
Squid SurfLydia Thurman68.2 Mb08/05/11View
Lego universe trailerDylan Llamas75.04 Mb08/05/11View
LEGO- Your Love is Better Than LifeJarren Harkema57.53 Mb08/06/11View
The Stolen BoatNeal Spellman191.89 Mb08/06/11View
Johnny Thunder and the Mystic ScepterAllan O'Mara102.82 Mb08/09/11View
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